What color is my house? (2)

After clearly labeling the partial gallon of Oyster as THE WALL paint, I took it to the rent house to prove it was indeed the warm color with the not-so-warm name that covers my house. The very first stroke of paint raised my suspicion. Several strokes later I told myself that it would dry to a darker color. By the time it dried, I knew it was perfect!

That was a relief. I imagined the Kelly Moore guys wondering why I didn’t come back this week with a piece of my wall. Smugly, I would allow them to wonder. I had my paint, and touch-up could go forward as intended.

Much cleaning, caulking, spackling, priming, and painting of various colors had ensued in the meantime. Besides the drywall and ceiling repair, the back door sill and jamb had to be replaced because of water damage. After the repairman did such a wonderful job, I came behind with more caulk, primer, and the exterior and interior trim paint.

I need to repaint the exterior, but I don’t see that in my budget right now. At the least, I can replace the rotting pieces of trim beneath the two upstairs windows. Yesterday, I easily removed the trim boards to measure for replacements. Priming and painting the new trim before attaching it is a job I can do at home. So I put the quart of exterior trim paint in the AAA freebie bag that I take back and forth between the houses.

After another full day of cleaning, small repairs, cleaning, and painting interior trim, I grabbed my bag and a piece of the rotten trim to head home. At home, I set the bag down on the porch to unlock the door. I noticed that the can of paint was lying on its side in the bag, but the lid was still on. I remarked to myself that carrying the paint like that was a trusting thing to do.

Or was it stupid? Inside I set the bag down and went about doing other things. Then I remembered that I wanted to take a spray nozzle I’d saved from an empty cleaning bottle to replace one at the rent house that wasn’t working well. I found the nozzle and put it in my AAA bag. Then I recalled that I had brought home some notes in the bag. When I looked in the bag to retrieve them, I see and feel thick, white ooze. The lid must have come off the paint when I set down the bag.

Idiot! Why did I set it down with the paint on its side? That wasn’t trusting. That was pure stupidity. I had a mess that I wasn’t sure how to begin to deal with. Number one priority is to right the can in hopes there’s still some paint in it. There was, but there was a whole lot that wasn’t. Over the kitchen sink, I pulled the can from the bag, but I didn’t have anywhere to set down the can or I would have a worse mess.

I set the bag down on the floor while I tried to wipe paint from the outside of the can with my hand to deposit it back in the can. What a mess! My hand was covered with paint and I was quickly spreading the mess. I set the can down on a large cardboard box, knowing it would be stuck fast in about 30 seconds. I cringe at all the paint I’m washing down the sink. But I hate even more the paint I’m slinging over the kitchen cabinets and floor.

Where was the lid? I fished it out of the bag. Then I recalled the notes. I found a glob of paper whose message would now be forever hidden. Oh, and my keys to the rental property. The garage door remote will probably not survive this bath. The Texas-shaped leather medallion from David McDavid Honda has a new coat of paint. It’s first in fact.

But the bag has leaked through to the kitchen rug. The recyclable bag is a sieve! If this keeps up, I might have to get rid of the rug. My friend Tim would probably like that, as he couldn’t understand why I put a rug on top of my new tile floor. Well, if I hadn’t, I’d be trying to wipe paint off of tile and grout right now, wouldn’t I?!

Oh, don’t tell me. The cell phone is in there, too! How incredibly stupid and irresponsible. And I thought not knowing what color my walls were painted was a big goof. Who cares whether the garage remote survives this. I have to WASH the paint off of my flip-phone or I won’t even be able to open it. Can the phone possibly survive this?

I think I have just incurred another rental expense – a new cell phone. And I will probably be finding splattered paint for a while, as if a carbonated beverage had exploded in here. I am not faring too well with this paint thing, am I?

What color is my house now?

Navajo White

    • Paula Robertson
    • January 16th, 2012

    Absolutely, Kay! Single women must unite to combine their/our various expertise in matters that traditional expectations would relegate to the male-type.

    • Kay Walker
    • January 11th, 2012

    You know what they say about bad luck…if it weren’t for that, you’d have no luck at all. Sounds like when you get through, you will be ready to help me tackle replacing the attic door and stairs that broke while I was trying to move all the Christmas decorations back into the attic. Now it hangs open, mouth agape, as the attic vortex sucks the air out of the garage as soon as I open the garage door. Oh, the joys of home ownership!

    Hope your holidays were at least happy, if not uneventful.
    Kay Walker

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