I’m too old for this …

The dawn of 2012 doesn’t only mean another new year. It means that in six weeks, I’m destined to suffer a birthday that signals another high school reunion is due this year. Really?!

But what have all these years done for me? According to Denny’s and Taco Bueno, I reached senior citizen status a few years back. Besides the privilege to increase my cholesterol and my waistline for less money, what have I really achieved?

I own a single rental property, which I maintain and manage myself. On November 30, my investment went from a profit center to a cost center overnight with only 15 days’ notice. So I’m currently in the between process of turning the last tenant’s greasy, grimy mess back into a desirable dwelling place.

I’ve been through this a few times since I began this venture in 2004. By now, I have an inventory of supplies, task, repair, and shopping lists, schedules, spreadsheets, and lists of lists to follow when I have to assess the previous tenant’s responsibilities for repairs and cleaning and begin to do what’s necessary to get the property ready to show.

The obvious incentive is that there’s no rent money coming in, while I’m currently responsible for two mortgages, two water and electricity bills, not to mention insurance and taxes for two properties.

But this time, I don’t seem to be able or willing to put in the evening hours on workdays or extended hours on weekends (and holidays) to push this project forward. I recall doing just that in previous turnover periods. Why don’t I have the energy now?

Haven’t I earned the right to slow it down? Why don’t I have the privilege to choose the pace of time? Instead I’m slowing down, while time picks up speed.

The answer is not that I should stop landlording. What I should give up are new years and birthdays. Because I’m just too old to get any older.

    • Betty Boling
    • January 4th, 2012

    Enjoyed your article. Happy New Year….Betty

    • Chris Biggs
    • January 2nd, 2012

    Don’t fret Paula. We are all too old for this but the alternative is not a choice either. What the heck, might as well enjoy it.
    Happy New Year,

    • Ann Smith
    • January 2nd, 2012

    YUK! You have my sympathy. We FINALLY got out of the landlord business.

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