Don’t Bother Me, OK?

I haven’t worked on the book in more than a week and a half.

But I seem to be stuck in 2008, in my last period of unemployment. I’m struggling with the integration of all the things I had to deal with during that period. How did I do it at the time?!

  • I completed physical therapy (when my insurance ran out) and otherwise continued to recover from a serious injury that landed me in the hospital for 12 days the previous December.
  • When I got around to being able and willing to look for work, I landed a three-month contract, which lasted all of three weeks.
  • Then my tenant moved out of my rental property, taking my only source of income with him.
  • It was not exactly a “clean break” with the tenant. It was actually kinda messy, in a lot of ways, not to mention protracted.
  • While trying to get the rental property ready to re-lease, showing the property to prospects, dealing with the no-shows and unqualified applicants, I also juggled the ups and downs of a job search.
  • I got a short subcontract with another independent, but that month-long rescue became a mixed blessing that I almost needed rescue from.
  • And it was too flippin’ hot to do any of it.

Kinda like right now. But I must persevere to write my way out of 2008!


The current situation with my mother is not only a valid reason to prolong finding a job, but it also can consume my mental and emotional resources. How can I ignore all that enough to sit down and just write?

The internal resources have also been tweaked by the prospect of an interview for a contract to start next Monday. On Tuesday when I initiated contact with the recruiter, it all seemed very promising. His last words to me were that he’d be in touch soon, as he expected to have an invitation for me to interview with the client on short notice.

It’s Thursday. There is no word. There is no interview. No contract to start on Monday.

That’s perfectly fine with me, because I’m working on my book, you know. Please do not call me today or interrupt me with email about an interview. I’m busy. I will not answer the phone or respond to your message. Thanks for being considerate of my time.

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