How to Fix a Stuck Zipper (or Job Search Diversions)

“Do you have any idea how to unstick a zipper that is caught in the fabric?” I asked an email buddy. “I can’t get it to move up or down. Googling Martha Stewart…”

I usually try the incremental approach: pull the fabric to the side, try to budge the zipper. Of course, it’s impossible to try that maneuver when you’re wearing the garment and the zipper is in the back.

I need another pair of hands to pull the opposite direction. And I need a way to grip the tiny zipper pull better.
Martha was no help. Then I remembered I had a bookmark for Tipking. But all their suggestions were for a stuck or sticky zipper without fabric in it. Consensus was to use liquid soap. Shall I try that anyway? Was actually thinking about using sewing machine oil, salad oil, anything but water, which I figure would make the fabric expand … ?

I’d stay away from any kind of oil. I think that would stain. Soap might help.
So…. I’m guessing you aren’t wearing it, right?

Couldn’t get it on, because the zipper stuck! Won’t go down far enough so I can get the dress up over my butt. Actually, I can force it over my butt, but what’s the point when I can’t zip the darn thing up?

Sounds pretty darn serious!

Well, yeah, the fabric is in there good. And it means I can’t wear this dress that I was only just able to get into again after losing weight.
Hm… short of cutting the fabric loose, perhaps I’ll try taking out the stitching to see if I can pull the fabric out of the zipper sideways, but that just sounds like I’ll tear it. Guess the soap is worth a try first.


Subject: How to fix a stuck zipper
1. Use a pair of pliers to grip the zipper pull.
2. Pull in one direction, while holding the zipper/fabric/dress to create stress in the opposite
2. direction.
3. In no time, the zipper closer comes right off the zipper along with the zipper pull, still in the
3. teeth of the pliers!
4. Go to fabric store.
5. Purchase new zipper.
6. Install same.

    • Techquestioner
    • May 25th, 2011

    Definitely a diversion.
    Hang in there, and good luck on the job search.

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