How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Houseflies, Part 2

Just last night, I found a new method of housefly extermination. Are you ready for this? Trap the buzzer in the microwave and nuke it.

Inhumane, you say? Don’t blame me! The fly was the one that pursued my dinner as I put it into the deicing chamber, whereby the fly would fall victim to its own unabashed curiosity.

All I did was close the door.

And set the timer.

And push Start…

Interesting that the accidentally caged critter shared its trap with enough food to keep it happy for quite some time, if only it could reach it.

While the surprised fly darted around to explore its new environs, the frozen entrée would soon be reconstituted and maybe even become edible for flies, if not humans. But the container’s film covering did double duty to keep the food in and the fly out.

Or perhaps in its increasingly heated frenzy to find an escape route, the fly quickly became uninterested in food?

Good thing that my frozen delight needed five minutes to heat, because that’s about how long it took the fly to finally stop flying around, resigned to its fate and oblivious to the bubbling feast it had pursued.

Upon the Ding!, I found it on its back under the carousel. Curiosity killed the fly. But to the victor go the spoils!

After tasting my gourmet entrée, I couldn’t be certain that I was the victor.

    • Ann Smith
    • April 30th, 2011

    I can’t think of a higher purpose for a microwave.

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