Unemployed People Are Such a Nuisance

What annoying pests they can be—the bane of a recruiter’s existence. Job seekers seem to think they’re people, too, and have the audacity to believe they are somehow deserving of common courtesy!

Come on. Anybody knows that just because a recruiter says, “I’ll let you know either way,” you shouldn’t expect her or him to actually contact you when it’s not good news for you or them!

Especially them. Why ever would they waste anymore of their time on you? So what if the job is now on hold, the employer has decided to withdraw the opening, the opening was never approved for hire in the first place, the company was bought out overnight, you failed to get the interview you were hoping to hear about, or you weren’t offered the job you sweated through an interview for? “I’ll let you know either way” really means,

I’ll call you the next time I need something from you, which is not likely. And that job I said you were such a good fit for? You don’t really want to know that you wasted your time, effort, and anxiety on that, now do you?

After a recruiter submits you as a candidate to his employer-client, well, thank your lucky stars you got past the recruiter’s expert scrutiny. But understand that when you contact him after a reasonable number of days with no word, the reply “I just found out …” means,

I’ve known that the client rejected your resume since the day after I sent it. Why should I bother to let you know? You’ll contact me soon enough. What else do you have to do?

Out-of-work people need to realize that their time is no longer as valuable as everyone else’s, because they have so much more of it. The fact that they’re already in a state of anxiety and uncertainty means that a little more can’t hurt. Unemployed people should not expect to be treated with respect. It’s perfectly OK to be rude to the ones who could use your considerateness the most. After all, recruiters are not in the people business and the unemployed ones are such a nuisance.

    • Techquestioner
    • April 23rd, 2011

    Since I’m back to job hunting again, too, I know exactly what you mean. However, I’ve been through this cycle often enough that I’ve developed a fairly thick skin. I really think it is more professional to actually say in the job ad, “Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.” If they actually call you in for an interview, I think they at least owe you a one-line email message that says that the employer selected another applicant, or decided not to fill the position at this time. If there is a government position open (in Atlanta the CDC is typical) they must allow any agency to submit candidates. Private companies, on the other hand, can choose to accept candidates from only a few selected agencies. If there are numerous postings for the same position, I choose to apply to an agency that has treated me with courtesy in the past.

    Look at JobFox.com. They have an interesting job matching process, allow you to apply to jobs that match your specifications, and send you e-mail when your resume has been reviewed.

      • Paula Robertson
      • May 2nd, 2011

      Oops, I just found this comment marked as spam.
      Yeah, you’d think the staffing industry could develop some best practices that include common courtesy at a minimum, if not the integrity to honor their word.

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